Participant-centered, performance-focused. This is how our activities are conceived and carried out

Corporate Games

Games and activities created to develop essential skills and knowledge to achieve business goals in an optimal way.


Well-prepared teams are able to face the corporate day-to-day.



Have you ever thought about developing your team with online solutions? NorthBrasil can help you! Let’s talk bout new online games designed for the skills of the modern professional.


We, at NorthBrasil, are specialized in the development and application of experiential programs, whether in person or online, with a focus on the performance of people and teams.


Doing and learning

When you experience a well-designed game in its entirety, beyond the greater chances of achieving learning, you have the opportunity to work both brain hemispheres in a harmonious way, without there being a predominance of one of them.


The Experiential Learning Cycle is at the foundation of our methodology. He is responsible for guiding participants through a journey of growth capable of developing skills and competences in the short term.

Sharing insights


Sharing insights

Analysis of what happened in the dynamics

Analogies with business routine

Apply what was experienced

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We know how important your employees are. And we also know that they can always evolve and improve! Let's talk and find a solution for your needs?

Our Games and Programs

Get to know about some of our more than 20 experiential activities.

The Goodwill Factory

Imagine developing and strengthening the purpose, teamwork, planning and delivery quality and even being part of a social project!

Pythagoras Switch

Have you ever imagined building a chain reaction machine with different materials, a lot of creativity and teamwork?

This is Pythagoras Switch!


How well in sync is your team’s rhythm?
Enduro brings a fun sport where being the fastest doesn’t make you the first.

New World

Game inspired by the courage of the great historical navigators, where the relationship between the Colonies and the Great Empires aimed the discovery of new territories and riches.

City Light Paris

This program was developed thinking about working aspects of the V.U.C.A. and the current need to move between the physical and digital worlds.

360º Vessels

Bamboos, floats and moorings are all available resources for finding parts of a puzzle that are in the middle of a lake, inaccessible without good teamwork.


Customer Testimonial

Being a NorthBrasil partner is always a guarantee of work done with great dedication and exceeding expectations. The entire team works in great synergy, from the alignment meetings to the big day of the event. They are always open to face the proposed challenges, making an excellent customization of activities to suit our needs exactly. The result cannot be different! Always high quality deliveries and results achieved.
It is a pleasure to work with such competent partners!”

Maria Carolina Celeri

Organizational Development | HR, Mercedes-Benz

“Meeting Silvia and the NorthBrasil team was a unique experience.
Creativity, innovation, friendliness, simplicity and partnership are the main characteristics of this company.
A consultancy specialized in business games that operates in a light and accurate way.
There are several experiences and special stories to tell of many works developed in the last almost 10 years, a partnership that became friendship.
Thank you Silvia and team for contributing so much to us, I wish you all the success today and always.”

Michele Pessoa do Nascimento

Senior T&D Supervisor, Ajinomoto, Ajinomoto

“It’s been 13 years of partnership and many projects carried out, each year a different theme, with a correct approach, rescuing and bringing out the best in each one of us! Working with Silvia and NorthBrasil is inspiring to say the least!!! A company that spares no effort to understand what we need and execute efficiently! Team NorthBrasil is synonymous with empathy, organization, dedication and competence in carrying out each project designed.
Gratitude for everything we learned in each training, for each moment lived and many more to come!”

Luciana Fonseca

Customer Management Coordinator, Algar, Algar

“The training was excellent, people enjoyed it a lot and were very emotional. I would also like to recognize you for the entire organization during the event, you were the first consultancy I worked with that is so organized and independent, congratulations!”

Nádia Vilera de Castro

Human Resources Analyst, O-I Glass, O-I Vidros



Find a short-term answer to a particular need by training people to acquire targeted skills and knowledge.


Improve and stimulate the skills that already exist within each employee to reap growth results for him and for the company.

Games and Programs

Every manager knows what they need to stimulate the purpose in their team and achieve their goals. We have the tools for these needs.


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