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Have you ever thought about developing your team completely online? NorthBrasil can help you! Learn about new online games designed for the skills of the modern professional.


Our Online Programs

Creating Connections

In moments of distance, a great differential is realizing how much we have in common, how much it brings us together, and how much our differences strengthen us as a team.

Team Building Online

A sequence of images can tell a story created from different points of view. Communication, in all its senses. That’s the keyword for this challenge!

Team Building Online

The Knowledge Journey is an innovative tool, fully customizable, to develop in teams the main skills necessary for successful professionals in the current scenario.

Content in a fun way

Fun Quiz about the most different topics, from technical information about the company’s products, company culture and values, to general knowledge!

Team Building Online

Do you want to show your team how much difference each one makes and plays an indispensable role in the functioning of the whole? Come with us to create this amazing mosaic!

Team Building Online

Distance should not be an impediment for us to do good, and with that idea we created the Home Goodwill Factory: a program where, understanding the purpose of the action, participants receive production material in their homes and produce toys to be donated.

When purpose sings!

In this lecture Giovanna Andreo shows the importance of moving forward looking at the full side of the glass.
A well-defined purpose helps us to overcome the obstacles that life imposes on us.
When we have a good “why”, we find the “how” to do it. Disability is a paradigm and diversity is part of our reality.


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