We always work in partnership with our customers to format customized programs, working with the specific needs of each training.


How we make magic happen

Have you ever thought about training your employees and your team in a very dynamic and efficient format? NorthBrasil has this solution!

The use of experiences / games as a learning tool increased in the United States, in the 50’s, with the purpose of training executives in the financial area. From the 1980s onwards, it proved to be a highly viable didactic alternative that was widely used in companies in several countries.

This methodology, strongly characterized by experiential learning, presents several elements that complement traditional teaching techniques.

The playful nature of the activities, added to the participatory and participant-centered environment, provides the possibility of effective learning.

NorthBrasil programs have a customized workload and can be developed in an internal, outdoor and online environment. The activities can take place in different spaces, in the company itself or in hotels and resorts throughout the country.



Definition of the main training needs (objectives, specific competences, participating area and periods, company culture and expected results).


NorthBrasil then develops the training scope with all the personalized content, according to the workload and objectives to be achieved.


Final alignment for training detail, schedule, needs and final definitions.


Execution of the complete training, according to the CAV methodology.


NorthBrasil brings, in the post-training, a report of the activities developed, the production and the perceptions of the group.


Team Building Programs

The objective of team building is to strengthen the bonds that exist between the members of a work group, promoting awareness on how to establish healthier and more productive relationships.

Having competent employees is not enough to guarantee the company’s competitiveness. It is essential that its professionals work with a team spirit so that the organization’s performance is highly positive.

NorthBrasil’s vast experience in team building, added to its solid conceptual basis, has guaranteed its clients significant results through the development of personal attitudes and changes in operating processes.

Team building programs cover experiential methodologies outdoors, indoors or online, aiming to transform groups into real teams, working on three basic strategies:

Internalization of the belief in teamwork;

Understanding their standard way of acting and what it generates in other team members;

Definition of healthier ways to act in the future.

Team building activities address behavioral and functional aspects, involving topics such as team integration, unity vision, collaborative attitude, assertive and facilitating communication, team planning, motivation and more.


Skill Games

Competence Game is nothing more than a tool prepared according to the intended objective, whose contents talk about specific competences and performances, such as communication, feedback, creativity and innovation, leadership, and more.

Customized training has the great advantage of developing a program that exactly meets the needs of your company.

Games and Programs

Every manager knows what they need to stimulate the purpose in their team and achieve their goals. We have the tools for these needs.


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